Hydra Slide

Reintroducing a global brand to the world.

Hydra Slide

The Challenge

Hydra-Slide, makers of some of the world’s simplest, most usable skidding systems, required a creative agency to help them reimagine their brand as they pivoted toward sustained global growth.

The family owned, Canada-based company needed a new visual design and brand narrative that could support their expansion into new global markets while retaining the values the company was founded upon. Additionally, Hydra-Slide needed a new website that incorporated some of the hard and fast rules of e-commerce into a strongly branded online platform designed to facilitate awareness and education.


  • Brand strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Web design
  • Logo & expression
  • Digital strategy

The Solution

Thrive’s work began with a robust series of discovery exercises designed to unearth data that could be used to guide the brand strategy process in later phases. We interviewed company and industry stakeholders, engaged in website and marketing audits, performed competitive benchmarking, and looked for opportunities to extrapolate insights that would help us guide Hydra-Slide to a brand narrative and visual identity that felt natural, sophisticated, and opportunistic.

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