We help the builders and lifters, the movers and fixers, the doers and makers and planners that bring to life the communities and structures in which we live, labor, and lounge.

Founded in 2012, Thrive is a brand and marketing agency built for the companies that build the world.

Connected by a
desire to build.

We like to build—brands, campaigns, strategies, websites, digital products. You like to build, too. Whether you’re a business working in or around heavy equipment, construction, the trades, manufacturing, trucking, lifting, rigging, architecture, design, engineering, or commercial and residential real-estate development, we’re an agency built entirely for you. 

  • Blue-collar focus, including professional services that serve the construction industry (insurance companies and brokers, law firms, construction technology, etc.)
  • Rooted in design thinking
  • Research-driven
  • Powered by data
  • Industry-involved

How we gain a
mutual advantage.

To be as effective and strategic as possible—and to solidify an advantage for both of us—we only take on a small number of new clients each year. This allows us to engage with you for longer periods of time, giving you our undivided focus and attention, since that’s what it takes to solve some of the most pressing problems in business.

  • Small roster, longer engagements, better results
  • Agency leadership on every project
  • Insights-driven approach to problem solving
  • More conversations, fewer presentations
  • Project management: We work in both Agile and Waterfall to best support our clients’ needs.

About your financial

When it comes down to it, we know that you’re focused on value, which means that we’re focused on value. Together, we’ll agree on what that value is prior to beginning our engagement, so there are no surprises. Typically, our programs, which are offered at a fixed fee, begin at $25k and increase accordingly based on complexity. This is a guideline, though, so it’s okay if your project looks and feels a little different. We’ll discuss, and then figure it out together.

  • We give you options derived from your stated goals.
  • Flexible terms, multiple ways to engage
  • Fixed project cost, no hourly billing
  • Mutually agreed upon KPIs and OKRs
  • For unknown problems with unknown solutions, an initial paid diagnostic may be required to determine appropriate scope

We deliver programs,
not services.

One of the benefits of working within one specific sector for more than a decade is that we’ve seen many of the same recurring problems. This has allowed us to build frameworks for solving those problems. And these frameworks have allowed us to systematize the way we approach work, which we’ve codified into the various programs we offer. Read why we switched to programs here.

  • Codified programs
  • Customized thinking
  • Bulletproof process
  • Experience-driven approach
  • Fueled by curiosity


Audience growth doesn’t happen by accident. Neither does increased market share. Success is the result of a bulletproof process designed to identify the exact right problem to solve.

1. Diagnose

Uncover data and gain an understanding of what’s causing your current challenge.

2. Prescribe

Assess findings, provide creative recommendations, build a roadmap that solves your challenge and helps you excel.

3. Apply

Execute and deliver specific solutions, monitor reactions and responses, and reapply as needed.


Chief Executive Officer

Timothy J. Hillegonds

Chief Executive Officer

Current Job Openings

We’re looking for creative, thoughtful, driven people who bring their best selves to every endeavor. If this sounds like you, drop us a note.