Emery & Karrigan

High-end branding for high-stakes insurance.

Emery & Karrigan

The Challenge

Emery & Karrigan, one of the country’s most specialized insurance agencies, needed to completely revamp their brand and website. Having enjoyed consistent growth and expansion since the early 1980s, the company was well positioned to reintroduce themselves to their audience.

Since Emery & Karrigan enjoys a loyal customer base that’s grown accustomed to their phenomenal customer service and near-instantaneous response time, the new Emery & Karrigan brand and identity had to speak to the company’s rich history while evoking excitement and energy for the future of the organization.


  • Brand strategy
  • Voice & tone
  • Content strategy
  • Website design
  • Brand narrative
  • Logo & expression
  • Virtual booth design

The Solution

After completing a weeks-long discovery tract of work that uncovered a number of interesting and informative insights, Thrive took Emery & Karrigan through a series of brand strategy exercises designed to help the organization see itself in new and liberating ways.

Throughout the scope of work, Thrive helped Emery & Karrigan realize new core values, develop brand characteristics, hone their voice and tone, and launch a bold new website design.

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