Truck & Equipment Specialists

Showing complex claims through simplified UX.

Truck & Equipment Specialists

The Challenge

Truck & Equipment Specialists are true game-changers in the crane business. With a rich history dating back more than 40 years, Truck & Equipment Specialists was one of the first non-manufacturers to build a business by understanding precisely how cranes were put together. What began as a trucking-only operation inside a garage in New Jersey grew into one of the most sophisticated crane and specialized equipment appraisal businesses in the country.

When Truck & Equipment Specialists came to Thrive Creative for help, the question they were trying to answer was this: How do we take a complex task like performing heavy equipment appraisals and make it simple? And perhaps more importantly, how do we convey that simplicity through the language and design we use on our website?


  • UX research
  • Voice & tone
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Color exploration
  • Content development

The Solution

In order to answer those important questions, Thrive Creative’s UX research team engaged in a weeks-long deep dive into the company’s history and work to develop a foundation on which to build both their newly reimagined brand assets and visual language.

Using a color palette familiar to anyone in the equipment business, we created a striking web design with a user experience firmly rooted in simplicity. We also helped Truck & Equipment Specialists identify a number of unique insights that could be developed into thought leadership content designed to educate their audience.