GTI Group

Unifying and simplifying an international logistics brand.

GTI Group

The Challenge

After being acquired by private equity fund Novacap and successfully reorganizing GTI USA, Precision Specialized, Nomade Transport, and Jetco Delivery under the GTI Group parent, GTI tasked Thrive with cohering separate but similar individual brands in a Branded House structure.


  • Brand Architecture
  • Research Synthesis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Content Design & Strategy
  • Web Development

The Solution

We created a unique brand identity and Branded House design system that set GTI ahead of the curve as a trustworthy, reliable, and professional company. Because GTI is an international logistics company, both the brand mark and illustrations were designed to call to mind the movement of goods through a system. In the web design phase, we expressed GTI’s new brand cohesion by simplifying the overall layout introducing a component-design system that allows for additional brands to be added in the future should Novacap’s M&A strategy continue. Headline structure was built around clarity and concision, focusing on the company’s forward-thinking approach and enviable experience.

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