The 10x Advantage for Construction Marketers

The 10x Advantage for Construction Marketers

Like so many other curious business leaders, I spent a good portion of 2023 researching, reading about, and experimenting with AI.

As the tools in our current tech stack added AI functionality—like’s Zoom’s AI Companion and Slack’s Claude integration, to name just two—I demoed them to see where they could bring efficiency into our work streams. Some worked well. Some didn’t. But these new features—and the rate at which these new features rolled out —underscored just how interesting things were about to get.

2023 was an exciting year, and as ChatGPT and other LLMs have gathered speed and made monumental leaps forward, I’ve found myself in an ever-increasing state of excitement.

The opportunities for construction businesses are so substantial, and the possibilities so rich with utility, that, almost daily, I wonder why I scroll through my LinkedIn feed, which is mostly organizations in the blue-collar sector, and it seems like no one else shares my sentiment and/or no one else is paying attention.

However, I know this can’t be the case, because innovation in heavy-equipment, building, and construction is literally the gasoline fueling the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Innovations runs wild in these sectors, and it has for ages, which probably means that some of these organizations simply haven’t made the connection between AI and marketing yet. Or AI and knowledge work in general.

Right now, in its current form, ChatGPT can 10x just about everything you do—and it’s only getting better with each passing day.

It can help you come up with 10x the ideas, 10x the keywords, 10x the content, 10x the headlines, 10x the strategic insights, 10x the market analysis, 10x the training modules—you name it, and it can make you ten times better.

This isn’t hyperbole.

The current reality is that a powerfully simple technology now exists that can literally level up every single knowledge worker in your organization today—for twenty dollars, per user, per month. Think about that.

The sheer scale of possibility is remarkable.

But so much of the narrative around AI up to this point has been around efficiency gains and productivity increases—for the purposes of reducing overhead cost.

We can all look at AI and see that, yes, there are cost savings to be had in the long run, if that’s indeed your goal, but to focus solely on that is to miss the enormous opportunity in front of you right now, which is one of expansion and scale as well as reduction.

In a recent article by AI researcher and Wharton professor Ethan Mollick, he wrote, “Misguided companies will see any increase in performance from AI as an excuse to lay off staff, keeping their output the same. More forward-thinking firms will take advantage of these new capabilities to both improve the lives of their employees and expand their own capabilities.”

What Mollick is saying is that the companies who can identify this opportunity for what it truly is, which is a moment to give every member of your team a tool that provides them with education, assistance, and expertise, are the companies that will gain competitive advantages that will catapult them to the front of their market.

Companies that invest in giving their employees the tools and room to experiment are the ones that will thrive.

Imagine 10x-ing your marketing department’s output overnight.

Imagine 10x-ing your research.

Imagine 10x-ing your knowledge.

Where would your organization be today if you could 10x everything you do?

This is the question you should be asking—not where you can cut costs, but where you can increase performance.

Answer this question the right way and your organization will be headed towards a future that’s at least ten times more successful.

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