Senior Designer

Thrive’s designers make up the beating heart of our organization and are a multidisciplinary collective of experts that create groundbreaking digital experiences, products, and brands—with expertise in UX, visual, motion, and brand design.

We’re seeking a talented Senior Designer to help drive creative output across a range of innovative projects—a person with a strong pedigree in visual design, as well as demonstrated expertise in creating digital design systems, brand designs, and expression systems.

Thrive designers are adept at concepting and collaborating. They push the boundaries of visual language, ever mindful of not just how something looks, but how it feels and how it functions in the real world. Thrive designers are skilled in all aspects of the design process, including the translation and application of all brand guidelines across a range of global construction-industry clients.

While Thrive’s approach to visual design changes with every project, the principles that guide our design process remain steadfast. We believe in Design Thinking, which means you should too, and we use research and data to inform every design decision, from preliminary sketch to finished product.


5+ years experience, preferably in an agency environment

Strong conceptual thinking and being able to work from underlying strategy. We believe in starting with many ideas and refining as we go.

Experience in graphic design, art direction and digital design at the given experience level.

Experience in creating visual designs for websites, social platforms, and mobile applications.

The ability to design and concept brand expression systems and digital design systems.

Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, and Sketch should be core elements of your toolbox.

Strong teamwork skills—the ability to work with creative directors, designers, writers and others on the team to help refine and present your work.

A designer that can design irresistible social layouts that support social messaging.

A designer willing to do good work and get shit done.

A designer willing to put ego/emotion aside, accept constructive criticism, and pivot productively as needed.