Thrive Creative was founded by writers, which means you need to be able to write—and write well. We need someone who can take an idea and run with it—or better yet, someone who can have an idea and run with it.

We need someone who can transition between long-form, research-driven articles for industry trade publications, UX-inspired website copy, on-brand and on-trend stop-the-scroll social media copy, print-ad concepts, brand narratives, brand guidelines, and everything in between.

And the kicker?

It’s all for blue-collar brands. Industry. For the folks who put on work boots and build, power, transport, and manufacture just about everything we depend on in our lives.

It’s not an easy job. And frankly, it’s not supposed to be. Because writing is a craft. A discipline. And not something that should be taken lightly. Which is why you shouldn’t, and we don’t.

Additionally, we’d be remiss not to inform you that you’ll be selling your work. Not just to clients—that’s a big part of it—but to the designers and project managers and strategists you work with.

To that end, here’s what we need from you:


Produce compelling content in a variety of digital formats, for a variety of construction-industry clients.

Quickly and efficiently perform research to fully understand the construction market and subject you’re writing about, which includes identifying technical features for complex mechanical, electrical, and industrial equipment and services.

Collaborate with team members to determine conceptual and creative copy direction for integrated marketing communications solutions.

Translate creative direction and creative briefs into engaging and effective messaging and copy concepts.

Write ad copy that sings.

Own the brand story for our construction clients across all channels, maintaining a consistent voice and blue-collar vision.

Create on-brand social content that is insightful, culturally relevant, and inherently sharable.

Push the creative process, revise, revise again, revise one more time, trust your instincts and own the results.


A dogged work ethic and a love of collaborating with your team members to consistently deliver polished, award-worthy work.

Cross-channel perfection: One concept, so many messaging mediums—you’ll be adept at making an idea translate effectively and flawlessly across all marketing assets: social, print, email, digital—you get the idea.

Meticulous attention to detail and innate desire to deliver comprehensive, informed, targeted copy that adheres to each client’s brand guidelines, tone of voice, and style guide.

The ability to write in a variety of voices. (We mean this. You have to be able to voice-switch easily. Insurance underwriters and crane-operators-turned-company-owners have very different voices. You also need to know and explain the difference between voice and tone.)

Motivated, thorough, obsessed with continually improving, open and receptive to critical feedback, and willing to make adjustments on the fly.

College degree and/or portfolio school degree.

1-3 years of experience in the agency space.

Conceptual creative thinker—strategically applying ideas across all channels.

Able to solve problems in impressive (and innovative) ways.

Communication skills that leave no room for questions or angst—you’re straightforward, you’re candid and, above all, you’re thoughtful and kind.

Social fluency and a solid understanding of how to drive conversation and engagement across social channels.

A natural flare for the unique, the buzz-worthy, and the culturally relevant.