Email Marketing

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No matter what you've heard, email marketing is the most important type of marketing a business can employ.


Because sending an email can literally get your message into the offices and pockets of your customers. Emails are personal, timely, and relevant—and they’re read, on average, 25-30 percent of the time (compared to less than 10 percent for organic social.)

Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z—they all prefer email marketing over almost every other type of marketing. Because when it’s done well, it works for both the sender and the recipient. So if you’ve heard that email marketing is dead, or that no one is using it anymore, you heard wrong, plain and simple.

When the right content goes to the right list, and when you optimize based on the data you're getting back, your reward is a big one—customers that pay you in the most important currency around: attention. 

But don't just take our word for it. According to the Litmus 2018 State of the Email Survey (a marketing industry standard), every one dollar invested in email marketing earns a $38 ROI. All things considered, where else are you going to find that kind of marketing return on investment? 

When you're ready to get started, we can help you develop your email marketing plan, design your email, segment your list, and deploy the campaign.  Give us a shout


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