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Ever just want to hand your marketing and advertising to-do list over to someone you trust, and be done with it? That’s an Agency of Record (AOR) relationship, and though the role of AORs have evolved over time, they still play a very important role when a business has a steady stream of brand-service and marketing needs, but limited bandwidth to handle it all.

Within an AOR partnership, Thrive can essentially serve as a one-stop-shop for your marketing and advertising workload—which comes with some distinct benefits: streamlined points of contact, dramatically reducing miscommunication, and layers of efficiency and brand consistency that emerge as a result of a single team facing a collective direction—versus work spread thin across multiple partners. 

When the dust settles, the ROI on AORs can be quite rewarding. Not to mention the time and energy saved. Lots of it.  

We’re also able to customize our AOR options depending on what process makes the most sense for you. And an AOR partnership can certainly benefit your billing processes. 

At the end of your fiscal year, when you have projects that must be billed or started in order to ensure funding, an AOR is a trusted partner who can bill you accordingly for the work they’ve begun prior to year’s end.

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