Your website is the digital hub for your business, and it's likely the place you'll make your very first impression in the mind of your customer.

It’s also your story’s foundation.

Your website delivers your narrative to the marketplace and serves as a bridge to your audience—visually, through both your design and content.

Your website is also the one place in the world where you have an opportunity to control exactly what people learn, see, and know about your business. 

Which means you need to think about everything—fonts, colors, images, spacing, load time, best practices, and user experience (UX). 

When we think about web design at Thrive,  we think in terms of cleanliness and simplicity, and we’ve adopted designer Jason Stirman’s definitions of both.   

  • Simplicity is the lack of complexity. Simple things are straightforward and easily understood. Simplicity is about the experience.
  • Cleanliness is a design aesthetic. Clean designs are often sparse with ample whitespace. Cleanliness is about the look.

Quality design utilizes both, while also understanding that form follows function. Ultimately, design is about enhancing experience. 

At Thrive, we take all of this into consideration when designing a website, or related materials. Shoot us an email so we can get started. 


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