User Experience (UX) isn’t really a service we offer; rather, it’s a sensibility we bring to everything we do.

At all times, we’re hyper-concerned with how the user—whether that’s a reader, a website visitor, or a customer reading your sales brochure—is reacting to that particular experience. Was the copy hard to understand? Was the website difficult to navigate? Was the brochure confusing? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then UX hasn’t been properly attended to. 

UX involves designing experiences that allow users to reach their goals or get what they came for in the easiest, most pleasurable way possible. It’s about enhancing the user’s level of enchantment, and increasing loyalty.

UX is also something that’s fairly invisible when done well. Chances are, you won’t hear about UX unless something’s going wrong.

At Thrive, we think about UX on a daily basis. In fact, we’re thinking about it right now, while you’re reading this copy.

Reach out today and let’s talk. (It’ll be good for all of us.)


Good with UX for now? How about rethinking your mission, vision, and values statements?