A mobile-first website is everything these days, and designing for mobile is an absolute must.

Mobile design, also called responsive web design (RWD), is an approach that allows design and code to respond to the size of a device’s screen. The idea is to give the user the optimal viewing experience whether they're viewing a phone, a tablet, or a larger computer or television monitor. 

Whether it’s an ad, a website, a video campaign—you name it—you need a functional and responsive mobile design that's intuitive, quick, and beautiful. 

At Thrive, we think about the mobile experience all the way through, which means we spend a lot of time considering how a user's thumb will interact with the screen.  Clean, concise menus, short forms, clear calls to action—with think about all of it.

We know that responsive design needs to be more than converting a desktop site into a mobile screen. We need to consider the user’s experience, their interaction, and the essential content they’re actually looking for while using a mobile device.

When you're ready to talk about mobile design, or even discuss the thinking behind it, let us know.


Mobile-ready already? You should think about your overall marketing strategy.