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Before we design anything, particularly for web, a design analysis is usually in order.

We’ll address what type of strategy you’ve developed to arrive at your website (or brand’s) overall aesthetic and functionality—which includes your website’s structure and navigation.  

We will also run an SEO report, which allows us to peak under the hood at how your site is ranking in search engines, who’s visiting, how long they’re staying, what information has their attention, website load time, key words and tagging, and who might also be linking to the site.

Since over 90 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, an SEO report is integral to ensuring that your site is as productive as you want it to be—which also includes the content on the site: imageryvideo, and of course, writing

Essentially, a design analysis can examine many components of your ultimate brand and mission, and at Thrive, we’ve built our business around creating and enhancing the parts of your business that will ultimately capture your audience’s attention and compel them to utilize your products and services.

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Your website has never been so important. Here’s why.