Ad Placement

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Understanding how your audience interacts with your products, services, and overall brand will go a long way in helping you target how to most effectively approach ad placement. 

At Thrive, we spend as much time as it takes to not only develop your advertisement, but position it within the proper medium so that it garners the most visibility and generates the most traffic possible—which includes placing the ad for you if need be.   

Throughout the process, we continuously examine your audience, and how they interact with your business—including your secondary audience (new or potential customers).

Within what is now the “attention economy,” effective ad placement is paramount. 

Most industry experts agree that the average person’s online attention span is under five seconds—and overall, it’s around eight seconds!

So your ad needs to engage, inform, inspire, and ultimately convince a person to commit more attention to you—within seconds. And much of the time, location is everything.

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