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We know you’ve heard the term “white paper” by now, but maybe you’re wondering what it actually is—or if you actually need one. For starters, it probably makes sense to identify what a white paper isn’t. 

A white paper isn't an e-book. It’s not a long blog post. It’s also not a text-heavy brochure, or a sales presentation, or an article.

So what is it?

A white paper is a persuasive, heavily researched report that uses authority and experience to present a specific problem and a specific solution.

At its core, a white paper is a cross between an advertorial, a sales slick, and an essay. It takes time to research and develop, but doing so allows you to  drill down into said problem and invite your audience to see it from your perspective—which then allows for your solution. 

When white papers are well written and well designed, they become incredible assets your company can use to educate and illuminate. 

Here at Thrive, we can help you design and write a white paper that will engage and inform your audience on a level that builds trust, loyalty, and return business. 

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