If you’ve written a newsletter, article, brochure, or book, we can help you edit it. Website content? We’ve got you covered.

Editing is more than just spelling and grammar. We consider your brand, your products and services, and your goals—and we edit your work in a way that intrigues and attracts your audience.

But here’s the thing about editing: no one ever looks up from something they’re reading or experiencing and says, “Wow, the editing here is just outstanding!”

However, if it’s full of editorial mistakes, people know. And they judge you for it.  Bad editing (or not editing at all) is arguably one of the biggest red flags you can wave as a company. It screams to the world that you don’t pay attention to detail. It says you’re sloppy. It says you’re apathetic.

Even worse, editorial mistakes let everyone know you don’t take yourself or your company seriously enough to make sure your message is intelligently delivered. Editorial mistakes are silent killers—you'll never know how much business simply walked right past you after seeing a bunch of typos, or worse.

Also remember that editing includes more than just the written word. Design integrity and brand synchronicity are two areas of identity development for any company that can be adversely affected by poor editing.

At Thrive, we pride ourselves on quality editing done right the first time. Going unedited is never worth the risk.

Give us a call, and we can get you sorted out.


But before you edit anything, you have to develop the story.